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Wow and Hello!

So this is a page all about me. I am not use to talking about myself much. I am really on the shy side. I was born and raised in Tulare, California. Yep I am a California Girl! I have lived here all my life except for the seven years I spent with my husband, Richard, traveling while he was in the service. That took up the first seven years of our nearly 33 year marriage. It was alot of fun and we met some wonderful friends that have lasted through all the years. We went to Germany twice. Infact my son was born in germany in 1973. Speaking of kids we have two. Our daughter Christy who is 32 and our son Curtis who is 31. Our daughter is married to a wonderful man named Jon and between the two of them they have 3 beautiful daughters. Tiffany 18 this year, Rachel 12 and Courtney who will be 8. Our son and his wife Sabrina has a daughter who is nearly 3 years old whose name is Madison and a son, 7, whose name is Tristan. I dearly love my children and grandchildren. They are the apples of my eye and the warmth in my heart. I have an "adopted son" who has been best friends with my son since high school and who has always been a part of our family. His name is Ricardo and he is married to a wonderful young lady whose name is Michelle and they have a beautiful new daugther, Iliana who will be a year old this year. They are all my family and in my heart.
Of course I can not forget my four legged babies. I have two beautiful cocker spaniels that are 3 years old. Gypsy and Mandy are my constant companions. I would be lost without them.

I have always wanted to be a writer. From my earliest memory I have written short stories and the like. I have always written poems and am proud to say that I have one now published. I am very excited about that. You can read it on the page where it says new listings.
I remember I wrote a story one time while I was in high school. My friends all told me to let my english teacher, Mr. Vincent, read it because they all thought it was so great. I was really quite shy back then but I did. He read it and gave me an A+ on it. Told me I had real talent and that I should do something with it. Let me tell you that really made my day. But you know how it goes. Time and other things get in the way of dreams so I put it on the back burner. About twenty or so years ago a friend turned me onto paperback historical novels. Oh my God! I was hooked. What can I say except that I felt the need not only to read but to write one of my own. I dabbled for a few years and then got really serious. That is when I wrote Hell's Raging Fury. I was so proud of it. But once again, fate stepped in and it got put on the back burner. When we got our first computer a few years ago I became serious once again and this time was determined to make my dream come true. I can not tell you how many times I was rejected. When I came across I took a chance. Boy am I glad I did!
They wanted my manuscript and now in december this year I will be a published author. My life long dream will have come true.
I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. This is my time now and I am being showered with beautiful blessings.
I hope you never give up your dream. It will come when your time is right and you are ready for it.
Blessings to you all,

Water Witch
You are a water witch. Beautiful and intuitive, you
draw your power from the water. You can be
tranquil and terrible at one and the same time
and might be described as "moody."
You appreciate literature and may be a
poet/writer. Graceful and powerful as the water
itself, the rest of us envy your ability to
love and be loved by others.

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