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Dragon Lord of Kells



From the mists of Aragon

The Council of Twelve came forth

To gather strength in forces and help

To guide our course


The way was paved with misting hands

To gather all around

A chance for peace upon our lands

Instead of the evil crowned


But wiser men were not yet born

And labors they must pay

Until the day a Dragon Lord

Would come to save the day

Chapter 1



     In the mists before time, when the entire world was created, there lived within the old tomes of mankind, a legend. A legend that tells of humans and dragons and all the rest of life that the Gods and Goddess’s dotted on this small grasp of land known as Earth. The Elves with their magic voices you could hear singing across the lakes and meadows of this beautiful land. Dwarves and Orcs, hammers ringing deep within the bowels of the mountains. There were countless other races and creatures all living peacefully among themselves until a great evil crossed this land with its icy shadow clawing and scraping its poisonous venom among the peoples there.

     The ache and gruesome breath of these hated creatures grew stench, upon stench, as they crossed into our borders. We know them only as the blight that covers the light. A great mass of inhumane beings that slaughtered, used or killed what ever lay in their paths. It was as though they were spewed forth from the belly of a great volcano as it belched its fiery flames of molten rock toward the heavens.

     From the mists of Aragon a council of twelve appeared before the tribal chiefs.

     “Unite as one or loose all!” they warned.

     But the tribesmen would not heed their warnings. They chose instead to fight as single entities, neither winning nor loosing, but just surviving in what was left.

     The council grew tired of their insults and rebellious natures and so, left them to their own destiny. When the council thought all would be lost and their kind died out forever, there came a bright flame from the dark shadows of the mists and a new legend was born.

     Dragon Lords they were called. Special spirits, gifted beyond what most mortals could perceive. They were the first of their kind to walk among men. They intrigued the Council of Aragon so the Council decided to let these humans fend for themselves and see where it would take them.

     Back into the mists of time they went, waiting for the new heir to rise strong against the evil that had been left to fester and grow within the minds of men. A new era was born.

Chapter 2


     “Kailyn! Kailyn, where are you!” Drazell yelled as he ran through the halls of the smoking castle.

     They had been under attack now for nearly two hours and all that time he had not had a chance to make sure his wife and daughter were safe. He was livid with rage that his own people would turn against him once he married outside of his class. Couldn’t they see that he was in love for the first time in his life and happy with his choice? Why couldn’t they leave them alone?

     “Kailyn!” he yelled again, searching each room as he quickly ran by. He started up the stone steps to the tower and hoped that is where she had decided to hide with their child. He burst through the huge wooden door and found her there holding their small child in her arms, her eyes closed in concentration.


     She opened her eyes at the sound of his voice and went limp. He barely had time to catch her before she fell to the floor.

     Drazell helped his wife sit on the floor then encircled his family against his chest.

     “I am sorry Drazell that I have caused you such pain.” Kailyn said as she leaned against him. He tightened his hold on her and gently rubbed the small head of his daughter who lay sleeping in her mother’s arms.

     “You have caused me no pain, my love. It is I who has allowed you to be surrounded by insensitive people that would do you and our child harm. How could I have been so blind?”

     “It will do us no good to fault what can not be changed.” She sighed heavily, laying her head upon his strong shoulder. “I am growing weaker and will not be able to hold them back much longer.”

     “Then we must leave and quickly. Once the shield is broken they will burn us to the ground.” Drazell stated as he helped his wife to a standing position.

     “But your home…”

     “It is only stone and mortar. I will be happy as long as we are together. Now hurry. Gather what few items we will need and meet me at the bolt hole.”

     Kailyn nodded and went to do his biding. Drazell once more looked out the tower window. They were under siege and wouldn’t last much longer. Even with their combined magic they would not be able to hold off their attackers. He should have taken Talyn’s advice and kept to themselves some where far away from his people. Their brazen hatred of his wife was superstitious nonsense that he thought would pass with time and has now nearly cost him the lives of those he loved most dearly.

     Sometimes his brother did have good advice if he chose to listen. Talyn himself just recently married out of their cast, but he was smart enough to stay away so that they could be happy.

     He looked about the tower room before he left for good. This had been a sacred place for them both. Plying their magic, teaching their young daughter to curb her powers and learn the healing arts. Although Kira, was just a babe of less than two years, she was very bright and learned quickly. He was proud of his young daughter and of his wife. They were the two brightest spots of light he had ever come across. Taking a deep breath, he hurriedly left the room behind and headed for the bolt hole. It was the only thing left to do. Kailyn was there waiting for him. A bag filled with their necessities and their daughter in her arms, Kailyn readied to leave.

     Drazell put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her against him, kissing her with all the love he possessed. If anything happened to her he would never forgive himself. Without another word, he slid away the bookcase that hid the passageway leading out and away from the castle. The tunnel was dark and damp. The only light coming from the torch he held in his hand as they entered it. It seemed they walked forever before they could make out the dim light at the end of the tunnel. 

     Drazell handed Kailyn the torch as he quietly pushed aside the bushes that hide their escape route.

    “Stay here. I’ll be back shortly.” he told her then he disappeared outside.

     It seemed like an eternity before he returned and Kailyn could breathe easier.

     “There is no one in sight but I don’t want to take any chances. We will wait until dark and then head out.” Drazell stated, taking the torch and putting it out. They wouldn’t have to wait long for it was already getting dusk.

     “Da?” came the small sleepy voice of Kira as she lay in her mother’s arms.

     Drazell picked her up and held her to him. His mind raced with alternatives. Bur he wasn’t sure where to go from here. Where could he take his family that they would be safe?

     “We should go to the forest of Muir.” Kailyn said as though she had read his mind, as she leaned against the cold wall of the tunnel.

     “But your people…” Drazell started.

     “No one can enter the forest of Muir without our letting them. We can hide there and no one will find us. As for my people, I do not think they are as cruel as yours have been. We should at least try, for Kira’s sake.”

     Drazell looked down at his daughter. He nodded in agreement, it was settled. They would go to Kailyn’s people. If that didn’t work out, they would find a village far away. Perhaps soon they would be able to coexist with someone who was not afraid of them or their powers.


* * *


     “Mother, what have you done!” Kailyn raged as she paced back and forth in her mother’s cottage.

     “I have done nothing! You are the one that married the human. Did I not tell you he was worthless?” Meeka, Kailyn’s mother rallied in her own defense.

     “He will return for us, mother! He loves us and there is nothing you can say or do to stop it.”

     “If he loves you so much, why did he turn his back on the two of you? Did he not leave without telling you? He was tired of you, Kailyn. Tired of the hiding. Tired of trying to be something he was not. Good riddance, says I.

Mark my words, you will never seen him again.” Meeka stated with triumph.

     Tears filled Kailyn’s eyes, but she refused to let them flow in front of her mother. Meeka may be the Grand Dame of their clan, but her heartless words were neither wanted nor accepted.

     Something had happened for Drazell to leave them behind. Her mother was wrong. He would return for them. She knew his love for them ran deep. If only he had confided in her. They could have left together and stayed together as a family.

     She quickly walked away from her mother’s cottage, heading back to her own home. The home that she and Drazell had made for themselves this past year since leaving his castle. Her clan had not accepted them with open arms but neither had they turned them away. They had been allowed to build their own cottage and fend for themselves. It had been a very happy existence or so she had thought. Drazell never once spoke ill of her clan or the way they had been ignored, in fact, he had blessed them for letting them keep to themselves. So what had driven him to leave the forest?

     “Mama! Mama! Can I go play with…mama, you’re crying.” Kira said as she rushed into their home.

     “Why are you crying, mama?”

     “Tis nothing, Kira. I just miss your father.” Kailyn said, brushing the wetness from her cheeks.

     Kira put her arms around her mother and squeezed with all her might.

     “It’s ok, mama. Da will be back soon. You will see.” she said, looking up at her mother.

     “Yes, he will be. Kira, you must always remember how much your father and I love you. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.”

     “I will mama.”

     “Now go play. I think Jarin is waiting for you at the edge of the clearing.” Kailyn told Kira as she spotted her daughter’s playmate.

     Kira gave her mother a sweet hug and kiss then left to romp in the forest with her friend Jarin. Kailyn could not believe their daughter was just past three and growing more beautiful with each passing day. Her heart was filled with much joy for the love of their daughter but also filled with too much sadness at the loss of her husband. He would return. If at all possible, she knew deep down, he would return for them.


* * *


     “What am I to do, mama? My hands seem to have a mind of their own!” Kira was ranting as she paced next to the creek while her mother sat on a rock and listened intently to her.

     Kailyn couldn’t believe how much Kira had grown over these past years. Her beautiful coppery red hair flew in disarray around her daughter’s shoulders. Kira’s pretty green eyes showed crystal clear in her agitation. Kailyn sighed.

     “You must learn to control your temper, Kira. That is the only way you can control the power that lies within your hands. Remember, your powers are for healing, not for hurting, unless it is to protect yourself from harm.” she told her daughter as she grabbed her hands and put little kisses on her palms.

     Kira bent her head and kicked at a pebble. She always loved the feeling of her mother touching her hands. No one ever tried touching her hands, not even her friend Jarin. They were all afraid of the power she held there.

     Kailyn bent her head side ways then patted the rock next to where she was sitting.

     “Ok, what else is wrong? I know that look Kira. Something else is bothering you.”

     Kira sat down next to her mother and took a deep breath. This was not going to be easy.

     “I…I have been having those dreams again.” Kira stated, not looking at her mother.

     “Ah, I see.”

     “They are the ones about the Dragon Lord. I do nae fully understand them mama.” Kira said sadly.

     “You are only eight, my sweeting. You are not expected to understand something that is beyond your years. When you are older, you will know what they mean and how to handle them.” Kailyn stated, brushing back a lock of copper hair that had blown free of Kira’s ties.

     “But, mama, my heart is happy when I dream of him. Is he real?” Kira asked with a hopeful expression on her face.

     “I do not know, sweeting. The Dragon Lords are very much a part of our history and our legacy, but I have never met one so I can not say for sure if they are real.” Kailyn tried to sooth her young daughter.

     “Well, I think he is real. I also think that we are destined to cross paths.”

     “If that is so, then one day, you may find out for sure. But for now, do not worry about your dreams, Kira. They are there to help you not frighten you.”

     “I understand mama.”

     “Now, I have something important to tell you.” Kailyn smiled as light in her daughters eyes shone brightly.

     “What is it?”

     “You will be starting your training with Master Balder in a few days.”

     “Really? He doesn’t mind if I am a female?” Kira asked with a puzzled look upon her young face.

     “No, he doesn’t mind if you are a female. He was my teacher when I was your age.”

     “I can hardly wait then!”

     “Come along, I will introduce you to him.” Kailyn said grabbing Kira’s hand.



Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading Dragon Lord of Kells as much as I enjoyed writing it!